Hi there! I’m Katie lover of summer, sunshine, plants and absolutely terrified of flying. I live in Wisconsin with my husband, Drew, our bossy mini-Aussie, Tucker and our twin boys. Maybe the harsh cold winters are what draws me to the tropical paradise this planet offers…or maybe it just runs in my blood.

Ever since I can remember, I have been drawn to the crystal clear waters and white sand beaches of the world. To my delight when I was in high school, my parents planned a family trip to Hawai’i. I remember staring at the beautiful blue waters of Waikiki beach for hours not believing how something could look JUST like the picture. I mean, I had never seen any water that shade of blue before. A short time later, my future husband and I made it to the Caribbean where we eventually got engaged (Punta Cana), married (Bahamas) and honeymooned (Mexico). Whenever our time (and wallet) allow, we are planning trips to the Caribbean.

I started Heart of the Caribbean out of  pure passion for planning incredible beach destination vacations. In my downtime, I would literally plan trips that we never went on (I know, I’m a true weirdo). Friends and family began reaching out to me about their next vacation and joking about how I should be a travel agent. One day it just “clicked” and I realized that was what I was MEANT to do. I became a certified travel agent the summer of 2017 and have NEVER looked back.

My favorite aspect of working with clients is when they realize their DREAMS of traveling somewhere is becoming a REALITY. 

I look forward to working with you and helping you check one more place off your bucket list.

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