Who actually uses a travel agent?

Seriously? I mean…who actually uses a travel agent in this day and age.

“Back in the day” people used a travel agent because they DIDN’T have access to computers and airline pricing, online reviews, photos, etc.

Now we’re living in this age of technology and information which leaves you with any knowledge you could ever want at your fingertips. Which is great…or….does it make things even more confusing?

For example, if you google “the best resort in Punta Cana” Boom. 4.44 MILLION results come up. How about trying to narrow it down “the best all inclusive resort in Punta Cana” 8.34 MILLION results..umm…how is that possible? How does one even weed out all of the reviews and decide what might fit them best based on what other complete strangers have to say? Not to mention, you are not just a “number”, you have specific wants and needs and my job as a travel agent is to listen to what your vacation goals are and help you decide the best resort based on my training, experience and expertise. Even if you’re just looking for the best value!

More  people are using a travel agent for the simplicity and time saving aspect that we have to offer (repeat after me: your time is valuable). Did you know the average person spends 20-35 HOURS researching their vacation? Instead, imagine talking to someone about what is important to you in a trip and them doing all the research for you ? Oh, and did I mention, our services are FREE?!

To save time (and therefore money), confusion & frustration how else might you benefit from using our services? Not only are our services FREE, but we are here to advocate for you.

No more sitting on the phone for hours on end one week before your spring break to make a simple change or ask a question–umm you hired someone else to do that for you!

Did something go wrong and you just need someone to calm your nerves? I’m over here raising my hand.

Think you have a silly little question or didn’t realize you could make it through the Atlanta airport with a 45 minute layover (especially when it’s either 45 minutes or 8 hours…)? Those are little golden nuggets that we have learned and picked up along the way to share with YOU to make YOUR life easier (and hey, if it doesn’t make your life easier, at least now you have a real person to complain to!).

But what if you are one of those who enjoy researching for your upcoming trip (I get it, I’m that way too, that is why I am building a career in this profession)? Why not research but still  book through a travel agent? You would then be supporting local instead of a large multi-million dollar corporation AND be able to go on the trip you have planned AND still have someone on your side IF something happens to go wrong!

When I plan a vacation for you, I focus on every aspect and detail as if it were my own  (and most of the time, I truly wish I was going with you)…

We appreciate our clients so much and look forward to working with you in the future!


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