When is the best time to book travel?

The worse feeling is booking your trip early (because you KNOW exactly where you want to cross of the bucket list next) and come to find out the price drops $800 the week later…or…could the worse feeling be waiting to book your trip and realizing a week later it increases $800? I dunno….

According to a massive new study done by CheapAir.com who reviewed more than 350 million airfares between the US and 3,000 other markets, the early bird does rarely gets the worm. There just happens to be a sweet spot between the early planners and the last minute bookers that lands anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 1/2 months in advance.

On average, the best time to book flights leaving from the U.S. is as follows:

  • Canada: 59 days
  • Mexico: 61 days
  • Asia: 90 days
  • Europe: 99 days
  • Africa: 119 days
  • Middle East: 119 days
  • Central America: 61 days
  • Caribbean: 76 days
  • South America: 81 days


Great info for flights, however, what about resorts? Since we focus mainly on Caribbean travel, I’m gonna stick with that. So this is something new that I have learned in this industry and you can definitely benefit from this moving forward. Get the travelers insurance! For typically around $150 per person, you have the full benefit of insurance on your trip (another blog on that later) PLUS you get the price protection guarantee. If the hotel portion of your vacation decreases after the booking is made, you will receive the lower rate!

Decide to opt out of insurance? Either book early–at least 9 months in advance, or, if you like taking a risk, booking your trip about 2-3 weeks out can also yield great deals. However, beware. Resorts will significantly slash the prices of rooms a few weeks out if they are not yet taken so this might mean you are not able to get the least expensive room if it has already been rented (they can only bargain price what they have available) so even if you are getting a great deal on that “category” of a room, it might be more expensive than if you are just to book the category that you really want.

What is your experience?

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