My favorite Island

As I sit here going through my pictures of past vacations, I can’t help but answer the question I am asked most often: “what is your favorite island?”. I don’t really have to think TOO hard about this, because deep down in my heart I know what the answer is and it might surprise you.

These past few weeks have been a whirlwind of planning vacations for friends, family and complete strangers but whenever someone mentions they would like to go to Hawai’i my heart skips a few beats. My true first love. Even though my “focus” is on the Caribbean, I am able (and willing) to help plan trips anywhere in the world and Hawai’i is no exception.

I recently shared an article from Travel & Leisure (view it here: Destination #1) about how Hawai’i is the # 1 bucket list destination . There is no wonder and I HIGHLY recommend if you EVER get the chance to check this place out, take it! You will not be disappointed.

What makes it so great?

Well. You have everything that could ever make a destination perfect. I mean, there are over 100 islands (however most of them are uninhabited) so you can just about go from beach bum doing nothing all day and night to living like a celebrity). Each island has a different feel so there is a place for everyone.

-Vibrant Culture & History (from the Polynesian roots to Pearl Harbor)

-Unbelievable beaches: they have anything you could want in a beach from the color (black sand, powdery white sand, golden beaches, green sand) to activities (snorkeling, snuba, scuba diving, night diving for manta rays, paddle boarding, & one of the greatest surf destinations in the world)

-Night life

-Adventure: immense amount of water activities & land sports. literally anything you can think of

-Nature: think active volcanoes & rainforests

-Relaxation: some of the best resorts & spas can be found here. Unless watching the waves crash into shore is your thing

Coming from Chicago, flight time is approximately 8 hours with a significant time difference (4-5 hours depending on if the continental US is in daylight savings mode or not) which is just enough time to make it feel like you have entered another world.

The best part? You don’t even need a passport!

I feel like I have opened a can of worms, I don’t know where to stop. I could talk about this place for days and I haven’t even scratched the surface. But honestly, if you’re considering a Hawaiian Vacation, please reach out to me. I would be delighted to help you make your dreams come true.


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