First blog post

Oh– hey you! I feel honored that you’re curious to learn more about our story.

It has been a little over a month since I finished my travel agent training and I must say this has been an incredible journey. I am starting this blog post and throwing myself out there in hopes I can connect with more people. To feel the love and warmth of Heart of the Caribbean, even if you’re sitting in your PJs in bed on a snowy winter day is the goal. This feels sort of like a social experience because I’m not really one to throw myself out there in the internet world, but in my heart I feel this is right, this is my calling and my passion. I want EVERYONE to be able to experience the beauty of travel.

Here you will find stories of real travelers who have gone near and far and want to share their experience. You will find a collection of my favorite resorts and the reasoning behind them. You will see pictures of the BEST beaches and adventures. Think of it as a scrapbook that you can come back to and I can refer you to if you’re unsure of a destination or resort.

So here is to you–for your support, love and adventurous soul. May you always have one more place you would like to check off the bucket list and may we always be here to help you.




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